The Hayden Company is committed to providing a safe work environment on every project we build. By nature, construction is a dangerous endeavor. Our clients and our workers depend on our knowledge, expertise, and commitment to safe building practices to prevent accidents and protect the public and property during construction. Minimizing exposure to unsafe conditions and risk management are essential to maintaining safe working conditions.
The key components to the effectiveness of our program are:
Planning - Training - Accountability - Constant Diligence

Since 2009, the Hayden Company has been enrolled in the ANSI (American National Standards Institutes) pilot program “Safe Contractor,” which means our safety program is ANSI Z490.1 certified. Our experience modification rate is lower than the industry average and shows our company's commitment to working safe on all our projects.

The Hayden Company’s experience modification rate results in decreased workers compensation costs.
The Hayden Company has received the KEMI Destiny Award in 2002 and also again in 2012.

This award is presented annually to policyholders that best exemplify KEMI’s motto, “Control your own destiny.” It symbolizes what can be accomplished when organizations work together to improve workplace safety. Safety measures which have helped reduce workers’ compensation costs for this elite group of policyholders include the establishment of interactive relationships with KEMI’s Loss Education Department, the implementation of formal safety programs, onsite training and regular safety meetings, and an ongoing commitment to safety from all levels throughout their organizations.

“Workplace safety is both a core value and a top priority at every level for recipients of the KEMI Destiny Award,” said Roger Fries, KEMI President & CEO. “Policyholders who are successful at minimizing workplace risks not only benefit from lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums, but more importantly their employees go home safely to their loved ones each day.”