With over 50 years in the construction Industry, The Hayden Company, Inc. has learned that each customer is different and their needs are unique. With our “Excellence in Construction” model, we can provide the following types of construction methods. Implementing any of the following construction methods, enable us to provide potential tax savings for non-profit and tax-exempt organizations. The Hayden Company, Inc. looks forward to earning your business.

General Contractor

The Hayden Company, Inc. establishes cost of construction based on architectural plans and documents. We will act as a consultant throughout the project making you aware of any possible/necessary changes for you to authorize final approval. Our contract is typically based on the best bid price we submit in accordance with the construction documents.

Design Build

The Hayden Company, Inc. will act as a single point of contact during the planning, design and construction phases of your project. Design/Build Services offers immeasurable value in its ability to allow for quicker start up and completion of construction, with less risk to you. We will partner with our customer to ensure that every project best meets the goals based on need and budget while maximizing your available dollars. We will employ the architects, engineers, tradesmen and subcontractors that can best meet your needs within the total budgeted cost. The contract value to complete the project is typically determined in a “lump-sum” that includes all fees and permits.

Construction Management

The Hayden Company, Inc. Employs a team approach that works with a triangle of the architect, the owner and constructor. We collaborate with an architect of your choosing to meet your construction requirements. The Hayden Company, Inc. is typically involved in design, budgeting, and scheduling before commencement of construction and we will continue to oversee the project throughout its completion. We will ensure that each trade subcontractor performs according to the plans and specifications. The Construction Management fee is based on a percentage of the total cost of the construction contract.